WATCH: Peloton ‘wife’ star in new ad for Ryan Reynolds

By on Sunday, December 8, 2019

The actor Monica Ruiz who appeared in the widely ridiculed ad for Peloton bikes has a snagged new role – fronting an Aviation gin promo for the actor/owner Ryan Reynolds.

In the gin ad, Ruiz is one of three women out for a Christmas drink.

“You are safe here,” one friend tells her.

The ad tweeted by Reynolds on Friday, racked up more than  8.1m views.

Peloton’s original advertisement, “The Gift That Gives Back”, shows Ruiz receiving a Peloton bike as a gift from her husband.

The 30-second ad sparked a storm on Twitter, with many calling it sexist.

Some said the husband was “controlling” and “manipulative” for buying his wife an exercise bike and that the ad suggested he thought she needed to lose weight.

This follows Mr Reynolds stellar other brand marketing exploits for Aviation Gin quickly establishing it as one of the most talked about gin brands around.

Last month Reynolds cleverly created an ad within an ad within an ad.

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