Watch: Ad-ception! Ryan Reynolds masterfully sneaks an Aviation Gin ad into a movie ad … inside a Samsung ad

By on Friday, November 22, 2019

Ryan Reynolds has very cleverly created an ad within an ad within an ad, essentially killing 3 birds with one stone.

Following Samsung’s new partnership with Netflix, Reynolds plugs his upcoming film, the Michael Bay-directed 6 Underground on the new Samsung QLED TV.

The tie between the upcoming film and Samsung seems pretty fitting – it is the ad for Aviation gin in the middle of the 30 second advert which the viewers have found pretty comical.

This advert is the first time we have seen Aviation Gin on our screens, and although it shares its debut limelight with Samsung and Netflix, Reynolds has made sure the gin is thoroughly plugged during the ad.

The advert has had positive feedback on twitter, with viewers comparing the advert to the famous ‘Inception’ movie, and also branding Reynolds a legend. The action “6 Underground” arrives on Netflix on December 13.

This follows Mr Reynolds stellar other brand marketing exploits for Aviation Gin quickly establishing it as one of the most talked about gin brands around.

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