Bus crashes into Italian lake to promote Spider Man videogame

By on Monday, September 10, 2018

Sony Interactive Entertainment have crashed a bus into a lake in Milan’s City centre.

No it’s not some reckless driving incident – it’s all the name of promoting the latest Spider Man video game.

The bus ‘crash’ installation carries an ad for the new  release and is anchored with web-like material.

Milan’s Darsena, is an artificial lake in the middle of the city.

According to Milan Today it ‘attracted the curiosity of passers-by, with lots of photographs taken on social networks’

It is not the first time that the city of Milan has been the location for creative outdoor advertising.

In 2013 near the heart of the old city, a submarine had apparently pushed its way through the paving stones and damaged a nearby car.

Baffled firefighters looking on.

The stunt was the work of Europ Assistance IT, an insurance company.

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