Harvey Nichols rebrands as Holly Nichols to celebrate women

By on Saturday, September 8, 2018

Harvey Nichols is no more. Well for another 3 weeks at least.

The department store has temporarily rebranded as Holly Nichols to celebrate women and launch its newly refurbished First Floor.

In addition to a new ‘Holly Nichols’ sign on the front of the London store, everything from the shopping bags to the social media channels have been rebranded.

Organisers say the campaign is drawing on Harvey Nichols’s history of supporting women in the workplace.

Deb Bee, Group Marketing & Creative Director Harvey Nichol said  ‘We are incredibly excited to unveil our Holly Nichols campaign – a month of events celebrating women, those who have inspired us in the past, and those that continue to do so today. Our newly refurbished First Floor is shopping heaven with collections from the world’s best-loved designers, selected for their quality of design and make.’

Harvey Nichols has a long history of supporting women in the workplace. But it was his wife Anne who led the company when James died in 1850, and it was she who forged the hugely successful partnership with James Nichols to form Harvey Nichols & Co.

Some have commented than Anne would have been a more appropriate name for the rebrand (but obviously it doesn’t have them same snappy ring to it does it now?)

In 2018 seven out of nine of the company’s board members are women.

Throughout September the store will promote inspirational talks from women who have influenced culture and challenged our attitudes.

h/t Evening Standard


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