Russians promised ‘free pizza for life’ in exchange for a permanent Domino’s logo tattoo

By on Friday, September 7, 2018

Domino’s Pizza Russia launched a competition that sounded too good for any fan to pass up.

The promise was ‘Free pizza for life’ for anyone who got a permanent tattoo of the pizza chain’s logo on a visible spot of their bodies.

But the company was forced to end a viral marketing promotion after too many people participated, The Moscow Times reported.

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According to BBC News that was the deal offered to people in Russia last week when Domino’s Pizza in Russia began their “Domino’s Forever” campaign on social media.

The promotion was due to close close at the end of October, but the brand was forced to end it less than a week after it launched.

After hundreds of posts appeared across Instagram and Facebook Domino’s was forced to impose strict rules upon entries.


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The pizza chain was forced to clarify that only “the first 350 people” would receive the free meals, and  the tattoo must be at least 2cm (0.79 inches) in length.

We are clearly living in desperate times – as only last week KFC was offering money for expectant parents to name their newborns after The Colonel.


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