Craft Sportswear crafts personalised Strava-powered logos

By on Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Sharing your Strava has taken a whole new meaning in Craft Social Run’s new campaign.

To help promote Craft Sportswear’s accessible social runs that they host across the world to bring running communities together and try new products, they have created a dynamic, ever-changing logo that evolves based on runner’s own data from Strava.

They developed a custom API that converts a runner’s average pace per kilometre and total distance into unique versions of the Craft logo. Each bespoke logo is created by drawing a graph within the letter “U” where the horizontal axis represents distance (with two pixels added per kilometre) and the vertical axis represents the average pace per kilometre.

This custom logo offers a fresh way for runners to visualise and share their activities, with the API able to be used by all social run organisers and members via Craft’s Strava account.

The API processes regular STRAVA posts, converting the photos to black and white and embedding the personalized Craft Social Run logo, modernising the brand and enhancing the community experience.

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