The Missing Review: A Digital Call to Action

By on Monday, April 22, 2024

Amigos for Kids, in collaboration with REPUBLICA HAVAS, have launched a ground-breaking campaign called “The Missing Review”, with the aim of utilising digital platforms for common good.

This pioneering initiative uses Google and Yelp reviews to aid in the search for missing children whilst simultaneously raising awareness about their situation.

The campaign found that 88% of internet users turn to platforms like Google and Yelp for recommendations or ratings. By strategically weaving information about missing children within reviews of establishments situated in the areas these children were last seen, the campaign is able to leverage the power of collective action to address important local issues and increase the chances of reuniting these children with their families.

Through this interactive approach, individuals browsing these reviews are not only prompted to engage with the content but also encouraged to take proactive steps in spreading awareness about missing children within their communities.

At its core, “The Missing Review” is a testament to the transformative potential of digital connectively.

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