Driving Change: Volkswagen launches Trucker Napp to turn drivers’ sleep into rewards

By on Monday, April 22, 2024

To enhance road safety in Brazil, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus has partnered with Livelo – Brazil’s biggest rewards program – to launch the Trucker Napp – Earn While You Sleep initiative.

The initiative sees truck drivers’ sleep duration, quality and frequency monitored using smartwatches that connect to a points-based system on an app. Rest hours are rewarded with Livelo points which can then be turned into cash, products, experiences and trips depending on the driver’s preference.

The initiative hopes to incentivize drivers to prioritize quality sleep since Brazil has one of the world’s largest trucking populations and sleep deprivation-related accidents have been found to account for 42% of traffic incidents in Brazil.

The programme is currently in a pilot phase focusing on the drivers of one of the largest transport companies in Brazil, but is hoping to be scaled up to any carriers who are interested.

AlmapBBDO, the agency behind the initiative, hopes that Trucker Napp will enhance driver safety and well-being, helping foster healthier habits and lifestyles in ways that will also benefit Brazil’s economy.

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