The Smear Campaign sheds light on the horrifying reality of sewage dumping

By on Thursday, April 18, 2024

The Central Office of Public Interest (COPI) have created a hyper realistic campaign that makes the reality of sewage dumping truly unavoidable.

The company worked alongside advertising agency AMV BBDO to create a photorealistic font which included not only human waste, but condoms and wet wipes. As disgustingly, in recent years there has been a rise of both found in sewage…

The ads highlight how sewage dumping affects the public, daily. With statements such as, “Your dog is drinking this”, “Your MPs voted for this”, and “You’re swimming in this”.

They projected their messages onto the side of iconic landmarks that were conveniently located near sewage outlets – as well as on the side of mobile billboards that they drove past Parliament and in areas affected by sewage waste.

“We went to various waterways to collect raw sewage ourselves. We then used the set of items we found as references to create the font and its many components. It was important that, from an art directorial point of view, the many textures, shapes and colours looked as realistic as possible.”

The campaign aims to shed light on the urgent action required, as figures show that there were a shocking 3.6 million hours of raw sewage spills into England’s rivers and seas by water companies in 2023.

Whist also driving the public straight to their website, where they can find out whether their local MP voted to end sewage dumping or not…

If interested you can find the link here, where you can also sign a petition to set a target date to eradicate sewage from British waterways once and for all.

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