Pulsating Gatorade panel gets hearts beating as it measures passer-by’s BPM.

By on Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Residents and athletes local to Sao Paulo’s Paulista Avenue, were surprised with a pulse racing OOH campaign which measures athletes’ heartbeats, giving them a chance for a refreshing beverage from their newly installed ‘BPM Pay’ panel.

Gatorade unveiled the billboard in an attempt to encourage interaction between athletes in the area, to build a stronger sense of community amongst locals as well as giving users a great insight into their current and future health.

The campaign, which will run at strategically calculated times throughout the day, will be free for the public to use.

Jorge Natteri, head of marketing at Gatorade in Brazil was keen to further reinforce the Portuguese concept of ‘sua Que Dá,’ which highlights the idea that sweat helps us go further’. He said “we are excited to bring this hydration experience to urban athletes. We want to encourage Exercise and ensure that everyone has access to adequate hydration for optimum performance”.

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