McDonald’s urges people to make the ultimate commitment by signing a ‘Pre-Nug Agreement’

By on Monday, April 8, 2024

McDonald’s believes that sharing chicken nuggets is the ultimate act of love and have decided to make it official through the launch of the ‘Pre-Nug Agreement’ – inviting best friends or partners to immortalise their McNuggets-sharing pact by signing the binding contract through a custom-filter on Instagram and receive “love, McNuggets, and prizes.”

Alongside this, McDonald’s have released a reality TV-style ‘Pre-Nug Agreement’ film directed by Tom Speers which showcases a group of best friends invited to materialise their commitment to each other through signing an official contract.

The release of the film and filter come after ‘leaked images’ of influencer Millie Court exiting what seems to be a legal office whilst clutching a pre-nuptial agreement with the goal of misleading people to believe she is finally marrying fellow ex-Love Islander and boyfriend, Liam Reardon. Millie revealed in an Instagram reel that the contract was actually a ‘Pre-Nug Agreement’ with her best friend Chloe Burrows!

Matt Reischauer, Marketing Director for UK&I at McDonald’s, said “The eternal debate of whom to share your McNuggets with — it’s just become a part of our culture. The Pre-Nug Agreement acknowledges this and lets fans put their own sharing commitment in writing. I can’t wait to see where this goes. Although I am disappointed to learn via this press release that the team at Leo’s won’t be signing one with me.”

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