National Highways creates motorcycle built from surgical body parts to promote road safety

By on Monday, April 8, 2024

National Highways has unveiled a custom-built, fully functional motorcycle crafted from titanium body part replacements, to draw attention to the dangers faced by motorcyclists on British roads.

Inspired by the insight that motorcycle riders often say their bikes feel like extensions of their body, the campaign emphasises the paradox of bikers’ reliance on metal for both motorcycle construction and for the body parts and implants used to mend crash victims.

By showcasing titanium surgical parts, National Highways seeks to address rider scepticism and reduce the alarming frequency of motorcycle-related fatalities on UK roads, which averaged approximately one per day in 2022.

Diverging from conventional road safety messaging, the campaign is complemented by a poignant video unveiling the unsettling reality behind the bike’s titanium components.

The bespoke motorcycle will tour various large-scale biking events in the UK this year, accompanied by bikers with titanium replacements to help stimulate the meaningful conversations needed to drive change.

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