Burger King reaffirms the royal hierarchy within families

By on Friday, April 12, 2024

Your ranking in your family dictates everything – your responsibilities, your attitude… even your treatment (sorry eldest siblings!)

Burger King wants to get to the bottom of how it feels to be dethroned.

Burger King’s research found that 68% of first-borns claimed they had a tougher time in the family compared to their younger sibling.

To add insult to injury, even parents admitted that they gave their younger children more treats and extra princess treatment!

The survey also revealed 77% of first-borns felt that they weren’t the favourite child, giving them a bit of a chip on their shoulder…

To showcase the trials and tribulations of being the first born, Burger King has released a video shedding light on the raw and honest pain an oldest child goes through once their younger sibling is born and steals the limelight.

To treat the eldest and reaffirm the special bond between siblings – Burger King UK has launched a nationwide offer for the Easter holiday. Children can indulge for just £1, because Burger King is committed to making every child feel like royalty.


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