Hellman’s calls upon Heinz surname bearers to make a change

By on Friday, April 12, 2024

The age-old rivalry between Heinz and Hellman’s deepens, as Hellmann’s Germany embarks on a bold campaign targeting mayo enthusiasts who were regrettably born with the surname Heinz.

Germany was the hotspot for the campaign, with 35,490 of its citizens bearing the surname Heinz. Hellman’s Germany urged individuals to officially switch their last name to Hellmann’s as a display of condiment loyalty, using the tagline “if your name doesn’t match your taste, choose a more tasteful one”.

Initially conceived as a whimsical jest posted on their Instagram, the campaign garnered an unexpected wave of enthusiasm, with five devoted mayo fans named Heinz promptly embracing the idea and changing their surnames to Hellmann’s on their public profiles.

This unexpected fervour spurred the creation of a comedic documentary chronicling Christoph Heinz’s real-life journey to become Christoph Hellmann’s, supported by reactive out-of-home placements and print media to the amusement of social media users.

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