Aldi parodies Vogue front cover with its own selection of ‘iconic’ British staples

By on Monday, February 19, 2024

Aldi’s marketing team once again showcases its prowess by playfully recreating Vogue’s ‘Legendary’ front cover, replacing the 40 iconic women with its 40 best-known products.

In a witty twist on the fashion magazine’s recent edition celebrating editor Edward Enninful’s final issue, the budget supermarket’s mock-up cover is a humorous take titled ‘Rogue’ instead of ‘Vogue’. The parody was posted on Aldi’s socials and captioned ‘British Icons: Aldi Edition’.

Whilst the Vogue cover required extensive co-ordination and air miles to get 40 of the world’s busiest and most famous models in the same room at the same time, Aldi’s parody simply relied on a bit of clever but quick-and-dirty Photoshop.

The campaign proves once again that someone on Aldi’s marketing team needs a raise, having notoriously trolled both Nando’s and M&S in the past.

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