Wheelie good portraits! Dave and UKTV Play unveil celebrity artwork crafted from scrap car parts

By on Friday, February 16, 2024

In a campaign to mark the return of the new series of World’s Most Dangerous Roads, TV channel Dave and UKTV Play have pulled off a vehicular masterpiece.

Celebrity portraits of Joe Swash, Chris Kamara, and Angela Barnes have been ingeniously crafted using thousands of discarded car parts.

Commissioned for the launch of the upcoming series on Sunday, February 18th, these portraits were created by acclaimed mixed-media artist David Badcock.

Each portrait is a meticulously detailed composition, taking over 110 hours to complete and incorporating parts from five scrapped cars.

Badcock dedicated his skills to repurposing 150kg of used car parts. Using a car bonnet as his canvas, Badcock managed to capture the essence of TV stars Swash, Kamara, and Barnes in portraits measuring 1.2m by 1.5m.

Cherie Hall, Dave and UKTV Play channel director, expressed her excitement, stating, “Our three car-part portraits set the scene for our most entertaining series of World’s Most Dangerous Roads yet.”

The campaign aligns perfectly with the show’s premise, where celebrities navigate some of the world’s trickiest driving challenges in locations like Sri Lanka, Guatemala, and Italy.

David Badcock, the mastermind behind the artwork, shared his enthusiasm, saying, “The challenge of turning discarded car parts into celebrity portraits was a dream commission which allowed me to blend my love of art and cars, and I’m delighted with the final results.”

Even the celebrities themselves were thrilled with their unconventional likenesses. Angela Barnes humorously remarked, “Having your likeness crafted from car parts is quite something, though it’s more flattering than them using the back end of a bus!”

The countdown is on for the return of World’s Most Dangerous Roads on Dave and UKTV Play, promising viewers an adrenaline-packed journey through treacherous routes worldwide. As the celebrities laugh in the face of danger, these portraits stand as a testament to the creative spirit that fuels both the show and its promotional campaign.

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