Nikon’s newest tech – Natural Intelligence

By on Monday, June 19, 2023

Whilst, at first glance, it may seem that Nikon have decided to finally embrace AI, look a bit closer and you’ll realise that their latest campaign actually takes aim at AI generators. The campaign shows that real photographs can be just as creative as AI, if not more so, by using ‘Natural Intelligence’ – aka the world around us.

The ad campaign, which originally ran in Peru, features imagery so seemingly out of this world it feels impossible that it isn’t AI generated. From cubist inspired cliff faces and nuclear greenery to sandy martian-like skateparks and psychedelic summits, Nikon is showing people everywhere that you don’t need AI to create crazy imagery. Just a camera and the great outdoors.

Nikon’s copy is reminiscent of prompts you’d expect to be fed to an AI generator to produce such pictures to truly drive home just how wonderfully unique ‘Natural Intelligence’ really is.

Nikon hopes to inspire users with this campaign to look around at the real world before deciding to turn to AI to create imagery, with a final plea to users of “Don’t give up on the real world”. Will you?

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