Heinz’s new secret ingredient: memes

By on Friday, June 16, 2023

In a short-lived campaign, ’15 minutes of flavour’, Heinz embraces the fleeting nature of fame reflected in memes. Heinz has dipped into the archives of the meme-sphere, featuring some of the very first viral characters to ever grace the internet.

Over a span of 6 weeks 6 sauces will be given centre stage for one week accompanied by one familiar face to bolster its allure.

The inaugural three sauces and their accompanying cameos have been revealed: ‘Bad luck Brian’, the ginger with braces always entangled in unfortunate circumstances, is the face of yuzu wasabi. Rebecca Black renowned for getting ‘down on Friday’, gets down to the savoury realm of ranch sauce. Lastly, William Hung, whose calamitous American Idol audition propelled him to celebrity status in 2004, spearheads the mustard sauce.

Quick rises and short-lived spotlights; celebrities and sauces join forces. However, only time will tell whether Heinz’s endeavour will be as indelible as these figures, whose significance clearly remains almost 20 years’ later.

For more information take a look here: 15 Minutes of Flavor – Heinz®

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