Coors celebrate colour-changing labels by exploding their beers in a freezer

By on Monday, June 5, 2023

We’ve all put a beer in the freezer to cool it down in preparation for an evening drink. However this can quickly turn to heartbreak as the liquid freezes, expands, and consequently explodes – creating a frozen glass statue on your shelf. Coors shared pictures of these beautiful icy sculptures which are created after the tragedy of leaving your beer in to freeze quickly and finding it broken and undrinkable.

To prevent this, Coors have added a thermochromic label that indicates when their beer is ready to drink; through the iconic Coors mountain logo turning from grey to blue. This means that with a quick check in the freezer, you can know if you’re at risk of an exploding beer – a cool (mind the pun) and useful addition to their brew.

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