Rogue household appliances roam the streets in ‘Long life Tech’

By on Thursday, March 16, 2023

To help reduce the number of appliances that end up in landfill, Curry’s has launched a new scheme to help us Brits recycle our old goods.  

In the ‘Long life Tech’ ad from Curry’s viewers see a pre-loved TV, vacuum and mobile phone cruise the streets before making their way over to a Curry’s store to be recycled. On the day of the shoot, the props were released to unaware members of the public which lead to some hilarious reactions.  

 Ernest Osafo, advertising lead at Currys, commented: “When we worked on the concept for our ‘On My Way To Currys’, our main objectives were to assert ourselves as the experts and authority within our sector while giving our customers reassurance that we are here to help with all their recycling needs. 

We crafted a piece that invokes intrigue and amusement while communicating that Curry’s tech experts are ready and waiting to ensure customers get value for their old tech, and are able to recycle unused items sustainably”. 

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