Human candles in Denmark warn of youth burnout

By on Thursday, March 23, 2023

A new campaign in Denmark by public broadcaster P3 Missionen seeks to warn about the epidemic of burnout among young people, which has been recognised as a disease by the World Health Association. To highlight this problem, human statues made of candle wax are being unveiled all over the country.

Research has revealed that 44% of Danish youth are feeling burnt out. In light of this, Danish schools are launching a mental health day on March 9th, which the candle statues are driving awareness of. They will burn for approximately two months and serve as a symbol of the state of youth mental health.

Additionally, small versions of the statues will be given to politicians with personalised packaging for what their ministries can do to help, and some will appear in TV shows. The campaign has been created by Uncle Grey.

Clara Prior-Knock, creative director at Uncle Grey, said: “We needed to create a symbol of the state of the youth and show the consequences if we don’t act now. All statues lead to a series of solutions – one of which is The Mental Health Day in Danish schools.”

“For years we have focused on the importance of physical health – now it’s time to focus on keeping the mind fit. With this project we hope we can shine a light on the importance of that, and help young people know they are not alone in their struggle – because with a series of initiatives, we are here to help them.” said Uncle Grey’s chief operating officer, Charlotte Porsager.


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