New IKEA film packs an emotional punch about second-hand furniture

By on Friday, September 23, 2022

‘Every piece of furniture has a story to tell’ – that’s the insight behind IKEA’s latest campaign.

IKEA Life Collection 2022 is a visual catalog of used furniture which tells the stories behind the products are being resold at IKEA’s new second-hand stores in Norway.

Furniture changes hands for various reasons. A death in the family. A divorce. Bankruptcy. Or maybe just because it’s become redundant or unloved.

Accompanied by an acoustic cover of Simple Minds’ ‘Don’t You Forget About Me – this film packs an emotional punch about second hand furniture – which TBF is a pretty impressive creative feat.

“We wanted to show how we understand that furniture isn’t necessarily useful forever,” said Roberto Giannone, global marketing manager at Ikea. “Our new second-hand stores are needed because life happens, and we needed a more sustainable way of treating our furniture.”

Agency:  TRY Oslo

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