Dexcom marks Diabetes Week with ‘No Pricks Parlour’

By on Wednesday, June 22, 2022

To kick off Diabetes Awareness Week last week, Dexcom- a company that develops, manufactures, produces, and distributes continuous glucose monitoring systems for diabetes management- brought a cool OOH installation to London’s Southbank.  To celebrate all people with diabetes and the improved access to CGM brought in buy the government in March, Dexcom offered complimentary prick-free cactus-style ice cream for all. With Dexcom CGM, there are zero finger pricks for diabetes management!

While guests sat back, relaxed and enjoyed Dexcom’s “Prickin’ Delicious” ice cream, a delicious green cactus flavour made with aloe and notes of orange, they had the opportunity to learn about the benefits of CGM. CGM is a continuous glucose monitor which allows you to check your sugar (glucose) levels at any time. It lets you see patterns in your levels and check if your glucose is too high or low.(CGM) or flash monitor.There was also the chance to see some  famous Type 1 Diabetic faces, such as Ed Gamble and Jeremy Irvine as other ‘Dexcom Warriors’ stopped by to join the celebrations and share their diabetes stories!

On average, people living with diabetes who don’t have access to CGM prick their fingers up to 10 times daily to measure their glucose levels. That’s generating nearly 10 litres of blood a day across all people with diabetes. However with Dexcom CGM, people with Type 1 diabetes can know with a quick glance of their smartphone or watch* their glucose number and where it’s headed – all with zero finger pricks or scanning.

Now, more people than ever before will have access to this crucial technology. This means people with Type 1 Diabetes can say goodbye to routine painful finger pricks, and take back the moments many take for granted – like having an ice cream cone without wondering how it will affect glucose levels.

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