‘Shall we take another ride?’ Peloton meets Sex And The City

By on Monday, December 13, 2021

In the recent Sex and the City reboot key character, Mr. Big, died of a heart attack while using a Peloton exercise bike, leading Peloton’s shares to slump more than 16%! Despite the bad press – Peloton has responded with their own humorous parody ad which brings Mr Big back to life.

The advert was released on Twitter captioned “And just like that…he’s alive.” Set to romantic piano music, the advert features ‘Mr Big’ played by Chris North and real-life Peloton instructor Jess King beside a cosy fireplace, before North asks if King would like to ‘take another ride.’ (cheeky). 

However, the genre is quickly subverted as the shot pans out to reveal that North is referring to riding Peloton bikes. This is followed by Ryan Reynold’s delivering an informative voice over about the benefits of regular bike exercise such as improvements to ‘hearts, lungs and circulation’ and a reduction in the ‘risk of cardiovascular disease.’

It’s refreshing to see a brand take a bad PR situation and turn it on it’s head in a humorous way by taking ownership of the narrative. Kudos Peloton!

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