Burger King has launched a shirt designed to disguise burger spills.

By on Sunday, October 24, 2021

Burger King has launched a  ‘Fall Collection’ designed to disguise burger spills.

The competition will appeal to fans of the chain, those who like to make a fashion statement or just messy eaters

The Hawaiian style shirt was crafted by fashion designer Kate Eary to replicate the messy contents of a Whopper – tomatoes, salad, sauce and bacon.

The one-off shirt design is inspired by Burger King’s Gourmet Kings range that consists of two brand new burgers, The Steakhouse and The Argentinian.

Felipe Guimaraes, creative director at BBH, said: “We wanted to do something for Burger King that would fit in its culture, in a tone only they could. Creating a limited-edition silk shirt that hides the inevitable spillages of their latest burgers seemed like the perfect way. Not only was the idea a bit bonkers, treating it with the same level of craft and tone of a high-fashion brand made the project the gem that it is today.”

Agency: BBH


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