Portuguese supermarket chain, Minipreço, offers residents money to hang ads on their clothesline

By on Wednesday, May 12, 2021

In 2019, Lisbon was a prime and trending location on Airbnb. Its popularity led to a 400% increase in short-term rental agreements in the city and a 40% increase in rent prices. Unfortunately, in some cases, residents who could no longer afford rent were forced to moved out.

To provide support to the locals, discount supermarket chain Minipreço, offered to pay residents who agreed to advertise their brand on their clothes lines and balconies.

Working in partnership with Alges-based creative agency NOSSA Portugal, the brand printed ads on laundry (towels, sheets and clothes) and distributed them to families throughout the city to be hung and displayed.


In order to determine who genuinely needed the help, the brand partnered with the APPA (Alfama Heritage and Population Association), which supports low-income families in Lisbon.

The campaign lasted for two and a half months, with around 10 families involved in displaying the ads at any given time. In total, there was around 40 families involved. Over the course of the month, families were paid around $250.

A social media campaign and a website with extra information about the project were created alongside this out-of-home network of adverts.

Thanks to this ingenious campaign, many apartments are now back on the long-term market with a 5% drop in local rent prices!

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