Lego’s ‘Green Instructions’ promotes sustainability to kids across Poland

By on Wednesday, April 7, 2021

In Poland, 79.9% of energy is still produced using coal – yet there is little education in schools about this important issue. As part of Lego’s global ‘Rebuild the World’ campaign, the brand teamed up with Ogilvy to create their latest sustainability initiative ‘Green Instructions’.

To demonstrate how people can reduce the impact on our environment, the instructional guide encourages Lego builders to dismantle their existing Lego sets and to rebuild them into other more sustainable objects and structures.

What was once a car can now be refashioned into a scooter or bicycle. An airplane? Now a modern, fully electric train.

When the global lockdown began, Lego also created a series of online educational videos and downloadable lessons sent out to teachers across 723 schools throughout Poland. Despite government resistance, the campaign created widespread climate control education for the first time in Polish history.

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