The Bread Exam – Learning how to bake bread could save your life

By on Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Coinciding with World Cancer Day the British Islamic Medical Association and a series of influencers from around the world have joined forces to launch ‘The Bread Exam’, a campaign that uses kneading bread as a metaphor for women performing self-checks on their breasts to detect early signs of cancer.

As a result of religious and cultural taboos within the Islamic community, many women won’t feel comfortable going to a doctor, discussing their worries, or even performing examinations of themselves.

Using the same gestures as your would preparing dough the instructional guide teaches women how to check themselves in a safe and modest way. In the UK version of the video, 2017 MasterChef winner, doctor, chef, and influencer Dr. Saliha Mahmood Ahmed created her version of ‘The Bread Exam’ which you can also watch below.

Mirna Hobballah, vice-president of the Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation, said: “In order to reach women facing this situation in the Middle East and not only, we wanted to avoid the taboo of talking about intimate body parts or exposing them by going to health specialists for a first check-up. Since many households bake their own bread and are interested in this subject – especially now, during the Covid 19 pandemic – we decided to use baking bread as a euphemism and talk to women about baking bread instead of talking about breasts, self-examination or cancer.”

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