TV-channel launched to calm dogs during New Year’s fireworks

By on Thursday, December 31, 2020

Denmark has seen a surge in numbers of domestic dogs purchased during the pandemic.

With more than 60.000 new domestic dogs, the total has reached about 650.000.

To prepare dogs and owners for the upcoming New Year’s Eve, Danish Internet and TV provider WAOO has launched a free TV channel showing a 10-hour long feature film specially designed to calm dogs during the fireworks.

The long feature film ‘A NEW YEAR’s TAIL’ is produced with animal behaviour specialists and according to recent studies showing that specific footage and sounds has a calming effect on man’s best friend.

The content has been specifically designed to please dogs dichromatic vision, which means they see a range of two primary colors, yellow and blue, as well as being filmed in an optimized frame rate of 50 fps – double frame rate of normal films.

Agency: Worth Your While


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