Swedish band renames tracks on Spotify to promote new album

By on Friday, November 20, 2020

Swedish band Bye Bye Bicycle changed the name of all their old songs on Spotify to promote their latest album Specular

Some of the best examples include ‘Tears Of Joy’ (When Specular Drops This Month) or ‘Push’ (Play On Brand New Specula When It Drops In a Few Weeks)

By adding parenthesis to each song title the band reached their core audience of people through thousands of already existing playlists. This had the fans echoing their comeback message on their respective platforms, creating a reach far superior to that of a regular press release or social campaign.

“Turning our old songs into ads for the new ones seemed pretty obvious to us. It’s the one thing that made people like us in the past and hopefully connects them with our new stuff. It’s weird that no one has ever thought about using the song titles on Spotify as a marketing platform before”, says lead singer André Vikings

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