This brilliant, satirical election ad brutally uses a job interview to ask “Would you hire Trump?”

By on Friday, October 30, 2020

The battle for the White House could be won or lost on the small screen, as millions of Americans see advert after advert for both candidates.

Win America Back…PAC is dedicated to producing campaign ads that shine a light on the incumbent, and not in a good way.

Their latest production pitches the election as a job interview, which it is – and we can’t help feeling it’s a winner.

Atlantic City casino …oh, it went bankrupt.

Education is so important. Ceased operation due to multiple fraud investigations.

Would you give him the job? We doubt these people would.

Tom Coates summed it up.

Finally, a word from the man himself – sort of.


Whatever happens in the election, Joe Biden wins the prize for the best campaign ad

Source Win America Back…PAC Image Screengrab

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