Why Heineken is offering free beer to motorists

By on Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Heineken has launched a public beer fridge targeting motorists yearning for a cold beer.

Relax! It is not promoting drink driving.

The stunt, in Singapore, is to promote its non-alcoholic beverage Heineken 0.0.

The idea is to surprise drivers by offering them a beer right before getting into their cars.

“The Driver’s Fridge” uses the same technology of a modern car door.

The fridge can only be opened with car keys as the fridge detects the frequency sent by the car keys and automatically unlocks.

This ensured that only drivers were allowed to knock back a Heineken 0.0 guilt-free.

Faye Wee, Marketing Director said “Heineken 0.0 opens up new drinking occasions. And to launch it in Singapore we needed a high impact idea to show beer lovers they can enjoy a beer when they never thought of having one.” explained

Agency: Publicis Singapore

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