A Sea Turtle Family’s Journey Highlights Habitat Destruction in Aardman’s Touching PSA

By on Tuesday, January 21, 2020

This turtle family’s journey home will warm your heart as they wave goodbye to their loved ones and make the long ‘drive’ home. In Aardman’s new animated film, these adorable sea creatures face all the usual commuting annoyances; traffic jams, restless children and poor navigating, something I’m sure we can all relate to. Their trip, however, takes an unexpected turn just before they pull up to their house where they face a much bigger, less relatable problem. The industrial destruction of ocean habitats.

Plastic pollution, oil drilling, and overfishing are the main culprits and can wipe out whole areas of marine life in a matter of days. It’s likely that some viewers will express an “I”m not crying, you’re crying” when they see father turtle’s lip quiver at the end.

“I’m thrilled to have worked on this heartbreaking film with Greenpeace and Aardman—it’s so important,” says Colman, star of The Crown and voice of the mother turtle, in a statement about the ad’s launch. “I hope this film inspires more people to take action to protect our oceans.”

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