WATCH: Kent County Council’s gritter drivers perform Ice Ice Baby

By on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The best Christmas campaign video of the season, thus far, has just dropped.

With cold temperatures forecast , Kent County Council is reminding drivers to take care on the roads with the release of a rap track.

To highlight the work they do, a music video was recorded at the Sandwich depot featuring gritter drivers – aka ‘Da Grittin’ Crew’ – performing the 90s classic Ice T song ‘Ice Ice Baby’.

According to council officials the workers are ‘Better known by their rap names, they are Master Gary Gee – known for his signature dance move ‘the worm’, MC Archie and MC Vapour.’

Gritters salt the roads when road temperatures are forecast to drop below zero.

KCC also ran a competition for school children to name the gritters with the winners receiving gritificates and Swingate primary school received a visit from their gritter Ice Ice Baby.

More than 200 children entered the competition with Eddie BI-Izzard, Ice ice baby, Spready Mercury, David Plowie, and Usain Salt, among the names of chosen by children:

Eddie BI-Izzard
Snow Patrol
Hans Snowlo
Brad Gritt
Gritty Rascal
Basil Salty
David Plowie
Spready Mercury

We reckon this video deserves an honorary place in the DIY Christmas marketing hall of fame – along with Robert Dyas’ curious masterpiece from 2015.

Let’s get this to Christmas No.1

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