Hotel for houseplants opens in London

By on Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Homeowners will relate to the problem of how to keep beloved houseplants alive while away on holiday.

Without a friendly neighbour to pop in and water them  – the chances are those plants will dead by the time you’re home.

Today a hotel exclusively for houseplants has opened in London offering a lifeline to ‘plant parents’ worried about leaving them to wither during the holiday season.

As millions set jet off this week on their annual summer holiday, the botanicals-only hotel in London has 100 ‘rooms’ up for grabs to accommodate plants.

The brainchild of Patch, the online plant delivery shop, The Patch Plant Hotel opens for bookings from today until 5 September.

The plants will be taken care of by a team of specialists, ensuring they stay hydrated and loved whilst their owners enjoy a carefree break.

The hotel accommodates for sun-seeking plants, as well as those who prefer a shady spot, dependant on their needs. The leafy residents will be treated to a luxury all-inclusive stay, with (plant) food and drinks on the house.

Freddie Blackett, CEO of Patch commented: “We all know the crushing disappointment when you return from holiday to find your plant has gone from green lusciousness, to a burnt, dry bunch of twigs. We wanted to open the hotel to give a helping hand to the increasing number of ‘plant parents’.”

To book your plant a room, visit: 




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