Back-to-school stab vests go ‘on sale’ for hard-hitting awareness campaign

By on Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Children’s Society has opened ‘the Store of Modern Childhood’, to shine an uncompromising light on the harsh reality of being a youth in Britain today.

Its shelves are home to an array of unsettling products that represent the challenges children and young people face on a daily basis including poverty, knife crime, bullying and sexual exploitation.

They include stab vests and exercise books filled with messages of self-hate.

There’s make-up station complete with ‘bruise hider’, ‘anxiety concealer’ and ‘black eye fader’ as well as phone cases featuring bullying messages.

The hard-hitting installation has been commissioned by The Children’s Society to highlight the findings in their Good Childhood Report 2019 – which reveals that children’s happiness with life is at its lowest since 2009.

Peter Grigg, Director of External Affairs at The Children’s Society commented: “Our research confirms increasing unhappiness in children and young people across the UK. Through the Store of Modern Childhood, the shocking lived reality for too many children is brought to public attention so we can set about changing this. The Children’s Society works to improve the lives of children and young people across the UK – whether that is providing support to those who need it, working with families and communities, or influencing government, our aim is to help all children have a happy childhood.”

The store is open to the public on Wednesday 28th August from 1pm – 7pm and Thursday 29th August from 9am to 7pm at Carousel Spaces, 35 Baker Street, Marylebone, London, W1U 8EN.

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