Why KLM airlines wants you to take the train instead

By on Monday, July 22, 2019

KLM has unveiled a new marketing campaign asking passengers to “fly responsibly”.

The Dutch airline published an open letter from its CEO asking both passengers and the industry to “work together” to “truly create a sustainable future for aviation”.

KLM asks passengers to “make responsible decisions about flying” they invite rival airlines to use KLM’s carbon offset programme, as well as joining a biofuel programme.

The campaign is supported by a video, which asks air travellers: “Do you always have to meet face to face?”, ”could you take the train instead?” and “could you contribute by compensating your CO2 emissions or packing light?”

Revealing a number of mini sets and CGI the studio based film reassures viewers that “no actual flights were taken for the making of this film.”

KLM have set up a website dedicated to the initiative.

The campaign has attracted criticism – some have said that the airline should be focusing on cleaning up its own act rather than calling on passengers to make changes.

Forbes asked; ‘Is KLM’s ‘Fly Responsibly’ Campaign Just Greenwashing?’

KLM has made some good strides towards sustainability.

It’s using 57 times more biofuel than in 2011, which contributed towards a reduction of 17% in CO2-emissions per passenger in 2018.

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