Nike’s flagship store in London has introduced plus-size mannequins

By on Friday, June 7, 2019

Nike’s flagship store London has introduced plus-size mannequins to “celebrate the diversity and inclusivity of sport”.

The mannequins take centre stage in new space in London’s NikeTown which has been created exclusively for female athletes, offering bespoke personalisation services, along with their performance and lifestyle ranges, including their full plus-size line.

“To celebrate the diversity and inclusivity of sport, the space will not just celebrate local elite and grassroot athletes through visual content, but also show Nike plus size and para-sport mannequins for the first time on a retail space,” Nike said in a press release.

Nike is not the first brand to use realistic mannequins. Debenhams introduced size 16 mannequins in 2013.

In 2018 Missguided unveiled mannequins of different ethnicities as well as ones with stretch marks and vitiligo.


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