Case Study: Shiseido My Crayon Project

By on Friday, June 14, 2019

In Japan, one color—”hada-iro,” or “skin color”— still is regarded as the default color for people.

In schools small differences in skin-tone are noticed, with kids of mixed-race being seen as outsiders despite being Japanese.

Cosmetics company Shiseido set out to educate children that every skin tone is unique with help from an unlikely champion: a crayon.

A range of crayons was customised to the skin tones of different school children.

Each crayon named after the individual child.

A film introduced the idea, inviting schools to participate in sessions the combined art and ethics classes.

Children draw themselves and each other.

With just a box of crayons Shiseido showed kids the importance of respecting the differences of others.

Agency: R/GA (Tokyo, Japan)

Shiseido My Crayon Project

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