Grenfell survivors project messages on ‘unsafe’ tower blocks demanding improvements

By on Thursday, June 13, 2019

Survivors group Grenfell United and bereaved families, organised the projections on ‘unsafe’ high-rise blocks across Britain today.

The movement comes as tomorrow marks the second anniversary of the tragic fire that stole 72 lives.

A collection of messages will be projected onto various buildings across the UK including London, Newcastle and Manchester, pushing for the government to make building improvements, as promised after the tragedy.

The projection on west London’s Frinstead House, a 20-storey block across the road from Grenfell, claimed: ‘2 years after Grenfell this building still has no sprinklers #demandchange.

The NV building in Salford Manchester, which has 246 flats, says it is “still covered in dangerous cladding” which shockingly is not covered by the government’s cladding removal fund.

Whilst a message on Cruddas Park House, a 25-storey block in Newcastle, designated to over-50s, will read: ‘2 years after Grenfell and the fire doors in this building still don’t work.’

Natasha Elcock, Grenfell survivor and co-chair of the Grenfell United campaign group, said: “We needed to send a strong message. It’s been two years since Grenfell and people are still going to bed at night worried that a fire like Grenfell could happen to them. After the fire we were promised that blocks would be made safe. Two years later we cannot wait any longer, we need action now so everyone is safe in their homes.”

The campaigners are calling for the government to introduce a new separate housing regulator to put ‘residents concerns over profits of housing associations’.

Karim Mussilhy, vice-chairman of Grenfell United, and who lost his uncle in the fire, said although their message is simple they “needed the biggest possible platform to make them [the government] listen.” 

I couldn’t agree more #demandforchange.

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