‘Bonkin’ Bunny’ press drop causes a bit of a buzz

By on Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Poundland’s PR team is behind a unique cut-price product press drop today, sending its £5 vibrator the ‘Bonkin’ Bunny’ to journalists all over our fair land, released in time for Valentine’s Day.

The name aside – is there a more sick-inducing, less sexy, Carry On-sounding word than ‘bonking’? (and that’s before you even question the decision to drop the ‘g’) – the fact it’s been anthropomorphised to look like Homer Simpson flipping the bird caused The Sun’s Sara Benwell to dub its packaging ‘frightening’:

You won’t find the 7.2 inch sex toy – £25 cheaper than Ann Summers’ Rampant Rabbit we’re told, Dear Reader – on Poundland’s shelves though, as, according to this coverage by another journalist on The Sun, customers are being told they need to ask for ‘Justin’ (Beaver… get it?) at the counter to buy it.

(Update: That said, the reply to this Poundland tweet tells a different story)

The Bonkin’ Bunny joins seven other products in Poundland’s ‘Nooky’ range, which all otherwise cost £1.

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