Dua Lipa collaborates with Jaguar to create an exclusive remix

By on Friday, September 7, 2018

Dua Lipa has collaborated with Jaguar to make music in a novel (and rather complicated to explain) new way.

Her new remix Want To (PACE Remix), was created using Jaguar’s custom-made software, which re-creates sounds based on the way user’s drive.

Dua Lipa’s her style of driving was analysed and used to influence the track’s tempo and arrangement.

The campaign has been developed to hype the brand’s new electric I-PACE model and mobilises fans to create personalised remixes using their own data – from the way they drive, the songs they listen to, or by tapping a rhythm on a mobile.

According to Stuff  “Data sets are collected from each journey using Jaguar’s InControl infotainment system – including information on braking and accelerating, energy captured through regenerative braking and electrical energy consumption and average vehicle speed and direction – and is sent by the car remotely to the cloud using its 4G connectivity to create a personalised remix.”

The star is inviting her fans to personalise their own version of Want To by using the tech, which can also create remixes based on the user’s Spotify history.

Fans can also use remix software at http://remix.jointhepace.com.

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