Chill out with KFC on Mindfulness Day

By on Wednesday, September 12, 2018

When it comes to mindfulness, there’s nothing like the sounds of nature to help you unwind.  Until now.

KFC is promoting the sound and sight of sizzling fried chicken on Mindfulness Day.

Who would have thought the sound of frying chicken could be so relaxing?!

The fast food brand hopes to encourage fried chicken fans to enjoy that moment of calm away from their hectic days.

KFChill’s noise repertoire includes:

Frying Original Recipe Chicken
Simmering Regular Gravy
Sizzling Bacon

Hermeti Balarin, from KFC’s UK agency Mother commented: “Forget falling rain or crackling fire. Nothing beats the sound of frying chicken or sizzling bacon to get your mind to relax.”

All of this has been brought to life in the KFChill taster film which will be appearing on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

It’s not the first time the brand have dabbled in new age marketing.

Back in January KFC U.S released a bizarre series of meditation videos to promote their Pot Pie.

h/t Marcomms News

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