Yorkshire Tea created an epic domino run using 5000 biscuits

By on Sunday, July 29, 2018

Want to watch 5000 biscuits falling over? Of course you do!

Staff at Yorkshire Tea put together an epic domino run using 5,000 biscuits – including pink wafers, Bourbons, custard creams and Jammy Dodgers .

The run was constructed to celebrate the brand’s Biscuit Brew – the miraculous tea that tastes like tea and biscuits.

The stunt boldly claims to be the world’s first domino run made almost entirely from biscuits. (better check this, Ed)

It also featured cups, teapots and more than 500 boxes of tea in a course that wound through the company’s offices in Harrogate.

According to the Yorkshire Post it took a team of 34 people, including domino expert Mathias Ritter, 10 hours to put together.

Ritter holds more than ten World Record titles – but this was his first time using biscuits as dominoes.

Yorkshire Tea’s innovation manager Kate Halloran said: “I was inspired by Britain’s favourite biscuits to create Biscuit Brew, so we thought what better way to celebrate it than to bring our team together and attempt the world’s first domino run of biscuits?

Having once spent 2 days in studio in Brighton sobbing and smashing my fists into walls while trying to make a Pimm’s Rube Goldberg machine function correctly – I can fully appreciate the efforts that went into this.

On a first watch of the video I was briefly FURIOUS that the finale didn’t feature a biscuit spectacularly dropping into a steaming hot cuppa – but then stumbled across these important FAQ’s – which explain that Biscuit Brew is ‘not for dunking.’

Good work Yorkshire Tea!

Source: Mail Online

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