People have come up with some creative ways to greet President Trump

By on Friday, July 13, 2018

President Donald Trump is making his first official visit to the United Kingdom since taking office in January, 2017.

BBC reporter James Robbins described the trip as “the most controversial visit ever made by an American President to Britain.”

In preparation for his arrival, the citizens of the UK have come up with some creative ways to greet the United States leader.

Tennent’s Lager have launched a new product.

In London the giant inflatable Trump baby drew huge crowds.

Retailer Moonpig pondered releasing a mini balloon version;

The Women’s Equality Party is running a campaign to show how his misogyny is proving an effective recruitment tool the cause of women’s rights. (h/t Campaign)

The Daily Mirror has commissioned a Mariachi band band to shadow Trump throughout his visit:

According to the paper at about 4.30pm today in Trafalgar Square, the ‘Mirrorachi Band’ will be making an appearance at the ‘Together Against Trump’ rally to perform a series of parodied songs against Trump, including ‘Born in the USA’ and ‘Living in America’.

Bookmakers Paddy Power dropped a lifelike wax figure of outspoken American talk show host Oprah Winfrey off at the US Embassy and Parliament Square, alongside the latest odds by of  Oprah becoming the next President (20/1).

Stylist magazine got creative with the placards.

At a farm in Stoke Mandeville, a crop circle has been cut into the farm’s field.

The message has rather a naughty word in Russian (ok, it says Fuck), followed by Trump.

According to the farm owner, the crop circle has been manufactured as part of an art installation.

In Sheffield there will be a ban on Trump and a Mexican fiesta thanks to the Lord Mayor.

Meanwhile a grass roots campaign is working to get Green Day’s song “American Idiot” to No.1 on the charts.

Other highlights include this Dalek…

Inside the Dalek costume – Environmental activist Al Binnie-Lubbock

“They will destroy your planet one climate agreement at a time,” Binnie-Libbock tweeted

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