Can you teach a dog to track down a Burger King?

By on Sunday, April 15, 2018

Burger King have trained a guide dog to sniff out Whoppers.

The barking stunt came about after 29-year-old Nathan Tree (a legally-blind ice hockey player) ‘asked’ the chain to train his hound to sniff out the nearest Burger King restaurant.

Tree describes his golden retriever Flynn as his “best friend” who “saves my life every day.”

Alasdair Murdoch, chief executive of Burger King UK said; “At Burger King, we are proud to welcome all fans who share the same passion for flame-grilled Whoppers at our restaurants. The Whopper dog film is a great example of how we can raise positive awareness around important issues, whilst bringing everyone together to enjoy their favorite flame-grilled burgers.”


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