Tesco introduce tannoy takeover for Father’s Day

By on Friday, June 16, 2017

It’s PR 101 to base PR campaigns around special occasions such as Father’s Day. What is a bit trickier is delivering a genuine message not a tacky one, and Tesco has nailed it.

Tesco kicked off the campaign, ‘Tannoy Takeover’, by airing a series of adverts showing the tannoy Father’s Day messages in action (if you didn’t get all warm and fuzzy inside I’d suggest you go see someone about that).

Now Tesco is giving sons and daughters the chance to show appreciation to their unsuspecting fathers publicly at their local store. All you have to do is click here, enter your postcode and it will show you how many slots are available at the nearest Tesco to you, select the time and day, enter your dad’s name and select what type of gift you’d like him to have (either something to drink, eat or open) and enter your number so you can receive a text to record your message – simples!

This is a great example of how brands can hi-jack a calendar event to further push its brand message and increase footfall.

Happy Father’s Day !

(Agency involved: BHH London)

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