Thousands of Swedes ignored homeless people offering free event tickets

By on Monday, February 20, 2017

Folkoperan is an opera house in Stockholm, Sweden.

The opera house is currently playing host to its spring show, ‘God Disguised‘, which premiered on the 15th of February and runs until the 26th of March.

To promote the show, and illustrate how exposed groups are ignored in society (a theme in the show), Folkoperan and a number of homeless people performing in it took to ten different street locations with free tickets.

The performers wrote signs, offering two free tickets to the first people to stop and talk to them.

This from the press release:

“On the morning of the 21st of January, several of the EU citizens performing in the show wrote signs about their performance and that they had free tickets to give away. They stood where you would expect to find them; by the subway, outside the grocery store and on many other of Stockholm’s busiest locations.”

As you can see in the hidden camera videos, thousands passed by and ignored the message. It took 12 hours for the first person to claim 2 free tickets.

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