BrewDog introduces ‘Puppy Parental Leave’

By on Thursday, February 16, 2017

BrewDog is known for having dogs at the centre of their business, and is very public about their decision to let workers bring their dogs into the office. However now they’ve taken the dog loving to another level, offering all of their employees a week off to look after their new pooches in a scheme called ‘Puppy Parental Leave’.

BrewDog says that all of their crew members around the world will be able to use this perk, even the staff joining their new stateside project, BrewDog Columbus, in which they will be opening the first pub in the US.

The craft beer brand has said the campaign comes as another step towards their main goal, which is to become the best company in the world to work for.

The campaign is quite a heart warming idea, however it is quite surprising to think that it came from BrewDog, the same company who’s CEO issued a formal apology for ‘not giving a shit’, and dropped dozens of ‘dead’ (fake) cats from a helicopter.

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