Café that accepts exercise as payment opens in London

By on Thursday, January 12, 2017

Major gym brand, David Lloyd Clubs, has opened the world’s first café that accepts exercise as payment in a bid to tackle the nation’s weight problem.

Aptly named ‘Run for your Bun!’, there are no tills or card payment machines – once you’ve chosen your (healthy) lunch you jump on the rowing, running and cycling machines for some HIIT training to pay off your meal. Once you’re done, you can decide if you want to eat in or takeaway.

The café is targeted at busy office workers that often eat at their desks and get very little exercise during a working day. Countless studies have shown how dangerous it is to sit for long periods of time, and David Lloyd has seen an opportunity to address the problem with a quirky pop-up campaign.

I’m a big fan of this from a personal perspective – it’s great to make people think about the energy they need to use for the food they eat. From what I’ve seen, this story hasn’t had massive pick-up, but the brand values and key messages are solid, so think it’s a case of ‘every little helps’. I’m off to workout!

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